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November 16th, 2010 § 0 comments

Again, lots of news so I will split it up by category.

Human Rights, Protection of Migrants, Deportation and Discrimination
Greece’s new crisis: Appalling conditions for detained EU migrants (link)
Respecting the Dignity and Human Rights of People on the Move: International Migration Policy for a 21st Century (Eric Schwartz) (link 1, link 2, link 3)
UN report criticises Libya’s treatment of refugees (link)
Triple vulnerability: the lives of Britain’s undocumented migrant children (link)
Workers send billions home, lack protection (link)
UN Urges An End To Discrimination Against Migrants (link)
Deportation Mania (link)
Harper seeks ‘global solution’ to human smuggling at APEC summit (link)
Welfare of migrant workers (link)
Symposium highlights undocumented minors, immigration reform (link)
Will Migrants Gain Respect? (link)
A blog on Mexican expulsions (link)

Remittances to developing countries rise by 6% to $325b (link)
Nepal was the 4th highest recipient of remittances in 2009 (link)
Former Jamaican Prime Minister on remittances to Jamaica (link)
Remittances from Poles in Ireland (link)

Migration and Development
Filipino Migration, Associativism and Development (link)
Sudanese diaspora to be able to vote in upcoming referendum (link)

General and Migration Management
Polish Migrants returning to Britain (link)
Global Migration, Global Response (Sergio Marchi) (link)
Gallup insights (link)
On the necessity of immigrants (link)
U.N.: Lower barriers to legal immigration (link)
Protesting recruiters set to suspend sending of Filipino workers abroad (link)
Are Illegals Headed Back Home? (link)
Economist slams migration policy (link)

Climate Change and Migration
Climate Refugees and 21st Century Migration (link)
Climate and Migration (link)

Return Migration
Return Migration: Is it easy for the 2nd gen Indo -Americans? (link)

South-South Migration
On Morocco’s expulsion of sub-Saharan African migrants and its import (link)
South South migration to Latin America (link 1, link 2)
UN seeks probe in Mexico massacre (link)
Cuban migrants report abuses in Mexico (link)

Brain Drain
Growing brain drain a concern (link)

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